Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Global Warming a good thing? Will save us from Ice Age?

This is priceless.
A story at

reports that some scientists at Cambridge calculate that carbon emissions and global warming could stave off the next ice age, which would otherwise be due in 1500 years.

are getting quite carried away with it; when they get tired of saying global warming is a hoax, they like to say OK, if it's not a hoax, then more C02 and warmer climate is a good thing.
Newsflash: C02 is not a poison (and no climate scientist thinks that it is) -- yes, it makes plants grow.  Well, water is not a poison either, but flood victims all over the world (especially this past year) can tell you there is such a thing as too much water.
What the scientists are saying seems quite plausible, but the "hay" that GW deniers are making of it just shows the silly lengths they will go to.

First of all, why are people who largely say there is no significan­t global warming crowing over an article that says "global warming is preventing an ice age"?

Secondly, the ice age according to the scientists was likely to occur in 1,500 years. Now it may come later or not at all. So what!? It doesn't address one way or the other, whether AGW will be having catastroph­ic effects in the next 30-100 years.

Maybe in 100 years we'll be in a position to think 1,500 years ahead. Actually I doubt that, but I expect in 1,500 years, if we can make it through the next 100 or so without complete disaster, we will have the technology and theoretica­l understand­ing to modify the climate and do a great deal to prevent dangerous hurricanes and tornadoes, floods, droughts, etc.

See RealTruthP­roject.org and in particular "Corollary to the Big Lie Theory" at http://the­realtruthp­roject.blo­gspot.com/­2010/07/co­rrolary-to­-big-lie-t­heory.html

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