Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Liquidity Crisis (The Current Recession) Like Medical Shock?

Medical shock is a kind of failure of circulation.  All over the body cells get too little oxygen, and in some cases, blood pools in places where it isn't needed.  Sounds a lot like a liquidity crisis to me.

I don't know whether the really important job creator cells like brain cells ever have an impulse to hang onto all the blood they can get, at the expense of the rest of the body, but that would be a good recipe for suicide, killing those too grasping cells along with all the rest.

One way the analogy doesn't work is that really important job creator cells can't just wreck one body (nation) and move on to another body that hasn't been wrecked (or for that matter, create a zone of artificial life support just for them - a sort of "gated community" inside the body)

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