Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Mystery of Electricity, according to a Home-schooling Textbook.

Something that showed up on my facebook page. I'm just sort of getting the hang of this facebook stuff.

Kinda hard to read: "Electricity is a mystery.  No one has ever observed it or heard it or felt it.  We can see and hear and feel only what electricity does.  We know that it makes light bulbs shine ... But we cannot say what electricity itself is like.   We cannot even say where electricity comes from.  Some scientists think that the sun may be the source of most electricity.  Others think that the movement of the earth produces some of itAll anyone knows is that electricity seems to be everywhere and that there are many ways to bring it forth"

Sorry, but we do know an awful lot more than that -- like libraries worth.  Why write a science book at all if you're not going to put any science into it?

From an extensive report "11 Eye-Opening Highlights From a Creationist Science Textbook" by someone who bought this Bob Jones University publication out of curiosity.

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